Join us at SeedCon 2014!

Join us on Friday, November 21, 2014 at Venue SIX10 for an action-packed day with some of the leading entrepreneurs and investors in Chicago and beyond.

The first step is always the hardest and never was that truer than for an entrepreneur. Getting out there and getting a first customer is easier said than done – there's a lot to do! Between developing your product to finding the right team to talking to customers, the work builds up very quickly. But that’s where SeedCon 2014 can help. Mark your calendars for this year’s conference, which is all about getting tactical with your entrepreneurial journey.

This year, founder and CEO of GrubHub, Matt Maloney, will kick things off by talking about the now public company’s early days as an early-stage Chicago start-up. Then we’ll switch gears and learn what it takes to find the perfect cofounder before we dive headlong into interactive breakout sessions that will focus on a variety of important topics to start-ups, including sales, digital media, and equity structures. The day’s agenda will also include our popular napkin pitch competition, where attendees can enter their start-up idea into the running for some awesome prizes. The conference will conclude with fireside chat with Jeff Sheedy and Stuart Peterson from Artis Ventures – the firm behind YouTube.

SeedCon 2013 featured a great lineup of speakers, including gaming entrepreneur, Alex Seropian, founder and CEO of Industrial Toys (developed the billion dollar video game franchise HALO) and founder of Bungie Studios, and Neil Stevenson, managing director at IDEO.

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Neil Stevenson, SeedCon 2013 Keynote

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